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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Are Big Dams Necessary?

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Are Big Dams Necessary?

Points to be known:-
  • In the year 1947, there were around 300 large dams in India. And now, there are almost 4,300 large dams.
  • India holds a strong position in the list of dam building countries after US and China.
In Favor:-
  • Dams are for supplying water for irrigation, prevention of floods and to generate electricity.
  • Dams are the main source for water in dry areas.
  • It's good to use technology for our survival.
In Against:-
  • To construct a large dam, many people have to leave their homes. Since 1947,  4,300 large dams in India have displaced over 42 million.
  • Some Dams are occupying forests. Hence causing deforestation.
  • As there is no flow of water, water becomes stagnated and causes spreading of water-borne diseases and releases green house gases.
  • Big dams cause earthquakes because of the weight of water in reservoirs.
  • If a large dam is damaged, it will effect the lives of lakhs of people. 
  • In the world’s worst dam disaster in China in 1975 when two large dams burst as many as 2,30,000 people died.
  • Through 'rainwater harvesting' rain can be caught on rooftops and channelled into tanks.
  • Use electricity more efficiently without wasting it.
                   “no dam” or “dam above all” are both wrong. We definitely need dams because rainy season is only 3 months a year. Govt. must take responsibility for rehabilitation of the people, who are going to be displaced, dams must be built on a strong rock foundation and total dam must be strong enough to tolerate natural disasters.
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